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Timber Harvesting

Agribusiness (Oil Palm)


Land Development

- Motor Vehicles
- Agricultural Equipment & Chemical Products
- Electrical Goods
- Building Materials
- Hardware & Supplies for logging, Plywood Mills & Sawmills
- Chainsaw Accessories


The trading business is thriving due to the fact that there is always a demand for quality products and WTK has been actively involved in the proper distribution and good after sale services of these products. In taping the inherent potentials and promising future of agricultural sector in Sarawak, WTK Group has also ventured into other agri-related business, amongst which includes the grinding of CIRP (Christmas Island Rock Phosphate), mixing and bagging of fertilizers. Its subsidiary company, Grosfields Sdn. Bhd. is appointed by MITCO (Malaysian International Trading Corporation Sdn. Bhd.), and CCM Fertilizers Sdn. Bhd as the sole and exclusive distributor/dealer for urea and CIRP respectively in Sarawak. The trading division will continue to perform well and contribute significant profit to the group on a sustainable basis. This division will continue to implement cost-cutting measures while pursuing appropriate marketing strategies and operational efficiency enhancement.

Our Trading Division covers a wide range of activities. The followings are some of the products we are into:

Automobiles Motor Vehicles
National Car, PROTON Saga,Wira.
Renowned Japanese car TOYOTA.
Farms Tractors.
Nissan Forklift, Truck and prime movers.

To enquire, please contact:

Mr Peter Lau
Syarikat Kalulong Sdn Bhd (95023-U)

Agricultural Equipment and Chemical Products
SOLO mist-blowers and sprayers.

Electrical Goods
DAIKIN air-conditioners.
SHARP electrical appliances

Building Materials
Cement and steel bars.

Hardware and supplies for Logging, Plywood Mills and Sawmills
DUNLOP and GOODYEAR tyres and tubes
SHELL lubricant
Wire ropes are marketed through Southern Wire Industries Sdn. Bhd
Sundry hardware
GUM tapes for plywood manufacturing

Chainsaw Accessories


To enquire, please contact:

Mr Anthony Lee
WTK Trading Sdn Bhd (17584-V)
WTK Enterprises Sdn Bhd (101149-M)

Frozen food and cold storage Business

In 1999, WTK Group had ventured into the fast expanding frozen food and cold storage business in Sarawak by taking over all the equities in SING CHIEW COLD STORAGE SDN. BHD., an importer, wholesale and retailers with more than thirty years of business experience. SING CHIEW COLD STORAGE SDN. BHD. has business branches and market outlets operating in Johor Bahru, Kuching, Sibu, Bintulu and Miri respectively. The company is the appointed importers for a variety of frozen poultry products, meats, bacons, sausages, marine and aquatic products, numerous dairy products and others from European Economies Countries (EEC), India, New Zealand, Australia and USA. Some of the popular brands imported by SING CHIEW COLD STORAGE SDN. BHD. is Danpo's poultry products and dairy products and Simplot's product. Encouraged by its well-established business outlets, good quality control of products and increasing market demand of our products, SING CHIEW COLD STORAGE SDN. BHD. has formulated a long-term business expansion programme both within and outside Sarawak.

To enquire, please contact:

Ms Penelope Wong
Sing Chew Coldstorage Sdn Bhd (483456-M)

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